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AWS Basics - Videos

Dear friends, I gone through the below videos and found them the best for the ones who want to understand the basics of want to get the an overview of basic AWS services.

1. AWS Course Introduction

2. AWS Overview

3. AWS Course Infra Part 1

4. AWS Course Infra Part 2

5. AWS Sample App

6. AWS Compute

7. AWS Compute EC2

8. AWS Compute EC2 Creating Web Server

9. AWS Introduction To Light Sail

10. AWS Introduction To Light Sail Demo

11. AWS Introduction Networking & Storage

12. AWS Virtual Private Cloud Part 1

13. AWS Virtual Private Cloud Part 2

14. AWS Introduction to Storage

15. AWS Elastic Block Storage EBS

16. AWS Simple Storage Service S3 Demo

17. AWS Elastic File System EFS

18. AWS Introduction to Databases

19. BYOD vs RDS

20. AWS RDS in Detail

21. AWS DynamoDB

22. AWS DynamoDB Demo

23. AWS Introduction to Monitoring & Scaling

24. AWS Monitoring & Cloud Watch

25. AWS Load Balancing

26. AWS Auto Scaling

27. AWS Introduction to Security & Cost Management

28. AWS Security in AWS

You can always get in touch with me at, share the details with me and will get back to you.

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