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Five ways to better IT spending through the cloud for a post-pandemic era

For all businesses, dependent on IT, the impact of Covid-19 has bought benefits and limitations of IT landscape in the focus. In post pandemic era many will plan how to meet different needs and requirements. The challenge is that many are overly reliant on legacy infrastructure, with these systems accounting for 74% of a company’s IT spend.

Making important changes such as migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud will eventually help reduce costs, increase agility, and pay ROI dividends

Here are five key ways for companies to better their IT spending and operational efficiencies:

  1. Take advantage of new tools for cloud agility and IT cost reduction

  2. Avoid costly hardware refreshes and reduce on-premises infrastructure costs by migrating VMs to the cloud

  3. Modernise your data warehouse for scalability and seamless access to advanced analytics

  4. Apply AI to rapidly respond to customers across contact centres and more

  5. Transform the way your teams work together

If you need any assistance to evaluate how we can save money by migrating our existing workloads you cloud please get in touch with us at Contact | Tech Surinder.

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