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DISCOUNT on the AWS & AZURE monthly billing

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Considering the current scenario every penny saved is a penny earned. If your answers to the below questions are YES then, please get in touch with me @ for details.

  1. Do you use AWS, or Azure for yourself, for your clients, or in your organization?

  2. Do you want to save additional on the AWS or Azure monthly billing?

  3. Do you want to save over and above the RI (Reserved Instances)?

  4. Do you get monthly billing in INR for AWS or Azure?

I would like share you that creating your NEW AWS INR account through us can help you to fetch discount UP-TO 5% and associating billing of your existing AWS INR account with us can fetch you discount UP-TO 3% on your monthly billing.

If you purchase NEW Microsoft Azure subscription through us, you can fetch discount UP-TO 10%.

Your can always reach me @

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